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Masterbatch manufacturer İlhan Plastik, masterbatches mean concentrated products in the form of granules which are included in the plastic raw material, during the melt forming stage.

Masterbatches are added to many different plastic products during the production stage to increase production performance. Masterbatch manufacturing besides, it improves the aesthetic, mechanical, thermal or fireproof features of the product. Masterbatches produces by us, to reduce costs are listed as follows.

Filler Masterbatch


Additive Masterbatch


White Masterbatch

Sectors We Serve
Corrugated Pipe
Blow Moulding

We manufacture custom made products for our customers’ needs, in our production facility, with our long years of experience, in the highest quality and most competitive conditions, with a boutique service understanding. The main sectors in our range of services are PE-Film, Corrugated Pipe, Injection, Blow Molding, Cable and Raffia. Our aim is to increase the sectors we serve by offering different product options.

About Us

Masterbatch manufacturer İlhan Plastik was established in 1997 in Adana Organized Industrial Site on a total area of 5000 m2 including 4000 m2 closed and 1000 m2 open area. At that time, it was established to produce PVC + PS sheets, masterbatch manufacturing and disposable products.

In 2010, as a result of P & D studies and management's decision, it added a filler compound product line to it's production facility and started t...


Masterbatch Manufacturers in Turkey

Masterbatch producers in Turkey have started to attract the attention of foreign producers more each day. The usage areas in the industrial area are quite wide. Plastics are produced according to the area and usage type. The materials used to bring the produced plastic to the desired color and feature are called Masterbatch (MB). It would not be wrong to call it a plastic additive.